Track: Bioinformatics

This track emphasizes applications to health, especially genomics and precision medicine. Graduates of this track will be skilled in developing and applying genomic tools. This track is NOT available online.

Best suited for: Computer scientists and biologists


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Course Title Credits

First Year

Fall Semester (7.5 CH)

BMI 6018 Introduction to Programming  3
BMI 6203 Clinical Database Design 2
BMI 6030 Foundations of Bioinformatics 2
BMI 6810 Business Seminar Series 0.5

Spring Semester (10.5 CH)

BMI 6106 Intro to Probability & Statistics 3
BMI 6120 Standards in Biomedical Informatics 2
BMI 6019 Bioinformatics in Practice 2
BMI 6810 Business Seminar Series 0.5
CS Intro to Data Science 3

Second Year

Fall Semester (8.5 CH)

BMI 6015 Applied Machine Learning for Biomedical Data 3
BMI 6810 Business Seminar Series 0.5
CS Visualization for Data Science 3

Spring Semester (10 CH)

BMI 6305 Principles of Leadership 1.5
BMI 6810 Business Seminar Series 0.5
BMI 6016 Biomedical Data Quality 1

Foundations in Personalized Medicine
or Computational Genomics
or Complex Disease
or other relevant course

Practicum 3
BMI 6975 Non-Thesis Capstone Project: Presentation and Exam 1
Total Credit Hours 34.5

MS Application Deadline

February 15th

Decisions are typically delivered within
4-6 weeks after the submission deadline.

Online Application

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