Track: Applied Clinical Informatics

Improve health by applying health, computer, and information sciences to manage information and data. Graduates of this track will be prepared for industry or health system positions as data managers, health informaticists, or data analysts. Coursework directly informs informatics practice in health care settings, including human factors, systems analysis, and project management and clinical systems implementation. This track is available online and in-person.

Best suited for: health care, IT, and computer science professionals


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Course Title Credits

First Year

Fall Semester (9.5 CH)

BMI 6017 Computer Science Fundamentals 3
BMI 6203 Clinical Database Design 2
BMI 6010 Foundations of Health Care Informatics 2
BMI 6701 Population & Public Health Informatics 2
BMI 6810 Business Seminar Series 0.5

Spring Semester (10 CH)

BMI 6105 Biostatistics 3
BMI 6120 Standards in Biomedical Informatics 2
BMI 6103 Systems Modeling and Process Improvement 2
BMI 6810 Business Seminar Series 0.5
BMI 6115 Biomedical Text Processing 2.5

Second Year

Fall Semester (8.5+ CH)

BMI 6102 Human Systems Interactions 2
BMI 6810 Business Seminar Series 0.5
BMI 6300 Clinical Decision Support 3
BMI 6804 Implementation Systems 2
BMI Practicum 1-3

Spring Semester (8 CH)

BMI 6305 Principles of Leadership 1.5
BMI 6810 Business Seminar Series 0.5
BMI 6440 Clinical Information Systems Architecture 2
BMI Practicum 3
BMI 6975 Non-Thesis Capstone Project: Presentation and Exam 1
Approximate Total Credit Hours 36

MS Application Deadline

February 15th

Decisions are typically delivered within
4-6 weeks after the submission deadline.

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