Continue to specialize in your track! Students are required to take at least 1-credit hour of practicum. DBMI offers four types of practicums to provide students with proctored hands-on activities. Credit hours range from 0-3 CH and are negotiated between the student and the internal and external mentors.  Once you have decided on practicum students must submit the Practicum Proposal Form found on Canvas (Program Overview-"Practicum Information Packet" PDF) to Francine Stirling and turn in mid- and final evaluations that are signed and turned in.

  • Students are required to register for at least 1-credit hour of practicum
  • Students can do up to 3-credit hours of practicum/semester
  • Students are to use their practicum experience as their capstone presentation

1. DBMI Course Practicum

*For current semester options, please go to Program Overview, Module 2.4, "Practicum Options" pdf.

These are hands-on activities associated with classes and special programs offered by DBMI faculty.

2. DBMI Applied Clinical Informatics

DBMI has 2 major areas of opportunities for EHR optimization and applied clinical informatics related work. The first is the Sociotechnical Work group which is involved in both research and hospital-based projects. The second is the Natural Language Processing service line which is involved in operations and administration projects.  Both areas focus on augmenting and optimizing the EHR. The faculty involved in these activities include Ken Kawamoto, Damian Borbolla, Guilherme del Fiol, and Charlene Weir. Activities include:

    • Designing and evaluating dashboards such as surgical referral applications, diabetic medication management, bilirubin dashboard and others.
    • Evaluate best practices for alert design.
    • Automate the process of identifying patients at risk, such as patients with family history of genetic diseases or patients with sepsis
    • Identify optimal documentation and communication practices that improve coordination across systems.
  • Applied Clinical Informatics Practicum Areas:
    • Sociotechnical, Charlene Weir
    • Natural Language Processing, John Hurdle

3. Industry Sponsored Practicum

DBMI has an Industry Advisory Board and relationships with outside industry and other health care organizations. Many of these offer dynamic practicum learning settings for our MS students. They represent a diverse range of institutions, including:

  • Health Catalyst
  • ARUP
  • U of U Healthcare
  • Intermountain Healthcare
  • 3M
  • Ancestry DNA
  • Utah Department of Health
  • US Department of Veterans Affairs

Several of our primary faculty members also hold appointments with Intermountain Healthcare and mentor students in that setting.

4. Research Practicum

Spend a semester working in a faculty research lab within or outside of DBMI (see Canvas for more details).

Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah