Sociotechnical Service Line

Who we are

The Sociotechnical and Human Factors committee is a group of faculty, staff and students in the Biomedical Informatics Department who are interested in the overarching question of how humans interact with technology. As a service line, we can help you gather requirements, create a design, and evaluate a technological intervention in a health care setting.

Whether your project is research or operations we can help.  Between us we have over 60 years of experience in the area.

Services We Provide

Requirements Gathering

We apply theories of motivation and cognition to understanding the information needs and workflow patterns of clinical users. We use several methodologies to gain this understanding, ranging from Cognitive Task Analyses, ethnographic observations, Card Sorting applications and Eye Tracking data gathering.  

Expert Design and Usability Testing

Our experts can apply their knowledge of the principles of workflow and cognitive processes to design software and displays. Once developed, our usability experts can analyze designs before implementation. Our prioritized recommendations will provide you with a cost-effective method of meeting user needs as well add innovative elements to research interventions.

Evaluation and Assessment

We use state-of-the-art ethnographic, psychometric and eye tracking protocols to evaluate the sociotechnical context and user behavior.

Research Design and Analysis

We can support your research project by using principles of experimental design in human research to test hypotheses. We use qualitative and quantitative techniques for collecting data, including validated instruments, surveys, and objective metrics. 

Contact Information

Heidi Kramer, PhD

Program Manager
421 Wakara Way, Suite 140
Salt Lake City, UT  84108