John D. Morgan, PhD


The John D. Morgan Award is a $5,000 cash award presented each year to an outstanding PhD student in the Department of Biomedical Informatics. The Awards Committee will make the award based on the study of the following materials:

  • NIH Bio Sketch
  • Student’s transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation by the applicants' supervisory committee’s chair
  • Copy of student’s best submitted manuscript

The student must also be approved as a PhD candidate by passing the qualifying examination following completion of the first year of biomedical informatics class work.

The awardee will present at a Graduate Seminar following their selection.

John D. Morgan, PhD

John Morgan, PhD

John D. Morgan graduated from Brigham Young University in Electrical Engineering. He received his PhD from the University of Utah Department of Medical Informatics in 1971. The title of his dissertation was "A Computerized 'Conversational' Technique to Form Numerically Coded Medical Diagnoses".

After graduation, John joined the faculty and served as a faculty member until 1978, when he and a department associate, Wilf Libieber began a business called "Code 3". The business was sold to the 3M Company in 1983, and he became a consultant to 3M. It was with funds from the sale of his company to 3M that John so generously endowed the John D. Morgan Fellowship.

John was married to Nada Ann Caldwell and they had seven children. John passed away July 18, 2006 and Nada followed March 1, 2007.

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