April 2019


The evening was kicked off with the student “lightning” presentations. Janettte Vazquez, PhD candidate, introduced “Using Biometric Data to Determine Emotional Engagement and Game Success” and she was followed by Ryzen Benson, PhD candidate, who presented “Tweet Tweet, Where’s My Juul?” (Doesn’t that title sound intriguing?). These two presentations, only five minutes each, highlighted some of the exciting work our students are doing. They are wonderful ambassadors for our department’s scholarly and applied training program.The Department of Biomedical Informatics Industry Advisory Board (IAB) at the University of Utah held an informative and engaging event on Thursday, April 18, 2019. This is the fourth Industry Presentation & Networking Event that our department hosted and it was our best attended with 130 students, alumni, faculty, industry reps and friends.

As a sponsor, Health Catalyst asked Eric Just, their Senior Vice President and General Manager of Application Suite Business, to discuss “Digital Phenotyping”. His presentation was timely and fascinating. (Please see link below to view his entire presentation.) 

Mark your calendars for the next IABtalks in October, 2019. We are proud to announce that Intermountain Healthcare will be the lead sponsor. We are looking forward to another impressive event!

“This event was a fascinating evening as we learned about some of the latest health informatics innovations and spent time networking with visionary industry leaders.”

“Given how rapidly the healthcare informatics industry is growing here in Utah, we need more opportunities to network just to stay connected, and potentially format synergistic partnerships. This event is a great way to build these relationships.” 

“I enjoyed being exposed to industry perspectives, as well as to the student work being done in the BMI department.”

As a sponsor, Intermountain Healthcare asked Drs. Peter J. Haug and Stanley M. Huff to discuss “Intermountain Healthcare’s Center for Standards-Based Healthcare Interoperability”. Dr. Haug is a Medical Informaticist at IHC. Dr. Huff is the Chief Medical Informatics Officer, also at IHC. They are both professors at the Dept. of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah. Their presentation was timely and fascinating. (Please see link below to view his entire presentation.) 

“The IABtalks are a fun way to see how our work is being applied to real companies outside of the research setting.”

“IABtalks are a great opportunity to reinforce the translational potential of our work, even for those of us who work more on the basic science side of things.” 

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