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Center for Global Dermatology

Mission: To educate Ghanaian medical professionals to diagnose and treat dermatologic disease.

Why: The burden of skin disease is high and the number of practicing dermatologists is limited (~25 in a country of over 25 million inhabitants).

Vision: Increase the number and quality of dermatologic subspecialists in Ghana and strengthen their continuing education.

Education & Outreach Projects

Ghanaian Physician Assistant Subspecialization in Dermatology at the College of Health, Kintampo, Ghana

This project consists of curriculum development for a new 2-year course in dermatology to subspecialize PAs. The first class of students started in fall 2012. Plans for development of an online component to the course are in progress.

CME in Dermatology in Kintampo, Ghana

Yearly since 2010, dermatology faculty, residents, and students have lectured and provided small group sessions for primary care physician assistants at a weeklong continuing medical education conference on dermatologic topics. This year, the conference has expanded to include and MD Refresher course and a Public Health CME course.

Dermatology Consultation with colleagues in Kumasi, Ghana

Throughout the year dermatology faculty informally consult electronically with colleagues at KATH hospital on difficult dermatologic cases.

Medical Student and Resident International Clinical and Service Rotation in Ghana

A 2-3 week medical student and resident rotation is under development that provides the trainee with clinical time and learning in dermatology-specific clinics in both a regional and tertiary hospital setting in Ghana. Trainees prepare and present lectures on dermatologic topics at a CME conference for Ghanaian Physician Assistants.


We estimate our financial need at $10,000 per year to include student scholarships and supportive educational materials (texts, cameras, etc).

Any and all donations welcome to further our project. Please contact or (801) 585-9624 for further information.


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Interested in learning more or participating? Please email at or We will get back to you as soon as we are able.