School of Medicine

Intermountain Dermatology Society

Guest Lecturers



Joslyn S. Kirby, MD, MS, MEd
Associate Professor of Dermatology, Penn State 

  1. AK Update
  2. Modern Management of HS: The ‘Yes, and’ approach

Robert G. Micheletti, MD
Assistant Professor of Dermatology, University of Pennsylvania

  1. Vasculitis and the Dermatologist: general approach, pitfalls, and pearls
  2. An Update on Stevens-Johnson’s and DRESS Syndrome

Philip Seo, MD
Associate Professor, Division of Rheumatology, Johns Hopkins

  1. Update on GPA/MPA 
University of Utah, Department of Dermatology Faculty

Julia Curtis, MD - Mole Mapping and Imaging in Dermatology

Rosemary deShazo, MD - Contact Dermatitis: update on allergens for general practice

Aaron Secrest, MD, PhD - Patient-Reported Outcomes in Dermatology

David Smart, MD - Laser Scar Therapy

Adam Tinklepaugh, MD - Rosacea: What it isn’t and what works

Jamie Zussman, MD - Challenging Cases That I Have Learned From

University of Utah Department of Dermatology Residents

  • James (Jack) Abbot, M.D. (1st year)
  • Abram Beshay, M.D. (1st year)
  • Kimberly Blain, M.D. (1st year)
  • Dekker Deacon, M.D., PhD (1st year)