OCTOBER 29, 2021
Time TBD


The meeting this year will include a skin biopsy workshop using a suture practice kit. If you would like, you may order a suture kit from Amazon here. 

Virtual Skin Biopsy Workshop

Hands-On Skin Biopsy Techniques

Attendees will be taught the proper biopsy techniques (shave, saucerization, punch, excision) based on the type of lesion, including breadth and depth and suspected pathology, and anatomic location. Suggestions will be given regarding the types of anesthesia to be used and hints on less painful administration. Suture practice kits are available through Amazon if you would like to purchase your own.

Clinical Value of Skin Biopsy

The Workshop will be preceded by a "Clinical Value of Skin Biopsy" presentation. Photographically-illustrated clinical cases will be presented in which key issues concerning skin biopsy can be demonstrated, such as selection of biopsy site, biopsy type, part of lesion to be biopsied, and how to interpret the results.

If cancelation of your registration is necessary, you may send an email notice to Lisa Smith at lisa.s.smith@hsc.utah.eduor call 801-581-7254. Cancelations made on or before October 26, 2020, will be accepted and a full refund issued. Confirmed registrants who do not attend the conference or who cancel after October 26, 2020, are responsible for the entire registration fee.


Registration Fees

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