Subinternship (FPMD 7210)

University of Utah medical students only

Course length:

Four weeks


This course is open to third and fourth year students who have completed their family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatric clerkships. Students are required to spend four weeks participating in the family medicine subinternship, either at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, under the administrative supervision of Jessica Jones, MD, MSPH; McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, under the administrative supervision of Greg Gochnour, MD; Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, under the administrative supervision of Michael Rhodes, MD; or St. Marks Medicine Residency, under the supervision of Richard Allen, MD.

During this period, he/she will work on the family medicine service, taking care of patients under the supervision of family medicine residents, attending physicians, and the family medicine faculty. Duties will include working up and helping plan the care for patients admitted to the service, presenting these patients to residents and attending physicians, attending conferences and teaching sessions, and generally functioning as a member of the team on the family medicine service.

No stipends or lodging are available for away rotations. Students rotating at McKay Dee or Utah Valley will be expected to commute, unless they secure their own lodging. It is important to note that permission must be obtained from the St. Marks family medicine residency prior to senior registration. Further information may be obtained from the following contacts.


Marlana Li, MD Bio ]
Send Dr. Li an email
Phone: 801-587-3408

Course Coordinator

Jessica Bickley
Send Jessica an email
Phone: 801-587-3408

Residency Contacts

University of Utah Family Medicine Residency
Contact: Jessica Bickley
Send Jessica an email

McKay-Dee Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Contact: Kay Holmes
Send Kay an email

Utah Valley Regional Family Medicine Residency
Contact: Brittany Robles
Send Brittany an email

St. Marks Family Medicine Residency
Contact: Dawn Barnard
Send Dawn an email