Special Projects (FPMD 7400)

For University of Utah medical students who have chosen family medicine as a career

Course length:

Two to eight weeks

Brief Description of Clinical Course:

This unique elective is open to medical students interested in applying to family medicine residency programs. It allows the student to create an exceptional educational experience with a family medicine provider within the community to enhance preparation for residency training and primary care practice. Examples of possible special educational experiences of a clinical or medical nature include, but are not limited to: health policy, public health, continuous quality improvement, rural emergency medicine, sports medicine, or global health.

Clinical Course Goals 

As a result of completing the Family Medicine Special Projects Elective, students will be able to:

  1. Gain expertise in a clinical or medical topic of their interest
  2. Experience variety in the field of family medicine
  3. Identify community leaders who actively engage in a topic of their interest
  4. Expound upon two-three identified specific learning goals pertaining to a topic of their interest


  • Completion of family medicine clerkship
  • Approval from course director, or course coordinator if director is absent

Role of the Student in this Clinical Course

Students will be able to enroll for two-eight weeks of elective credit for this rotation. Prior to participating in this elective, students must identify a health topic of interest, and at least one leader in that field who is willing to work with them. Each student must then specify two-six learning objectives, which describe what they expect to learn and other tangible outcomes from the experience. Examples which some students have used in the past are given below.

Note: The project preceptor must have a faculty appointment at the University of Utah. If the preceptor is someone outside of the University, they must be credentialed for adjunct volunteer faculty appointment, a process which can take three months.

In order to successfully pass this elective, students must:

  1. Complete chosen objectives
  2. Submit a report of the experience with appropriate documentation and references
  3. Obtain an evaluation from the primary project advisor/preceptor


Jessica Jones, MD, MSPH
Send Dr. Jones an email
Phone: 801-587-3383

Course Coordinator

Valerie Jarrett
Send Valerie an email
Phone: 801-581-8633