School of Medicine

Division of Family Medicine - Residency Program

Sports Medicine

Opportunities Throughout Residency:

Event Coverage/Pre-Participation Exams:

    • Our current fellows and third year residents interested in Sports Medicine communicate opportunities to residents
    • Event coverage with Sports Medicine fellowship faculty: high school football, Tour of Utah, Salt Lake Marathon and local running events, Utah Olympic Park events: bobsled, skeleton, freestyle and speed skating, University of Utah Varsity and Club Sports. Other events that may not be available each year, or may be coordinated with outside providers include Golden Gloves, National Climbing events, Ultra running events and more.
    • Teaching/Presentations
    • Participation in development and teaching of Sports Medicine curriculum
    • Wednesday Afternoon Teaching Sessions
    • Grand Rounds
    • Sports Medicine Journal Club
    • Research/Scholarly Pursuits
    • Quality Improvement projects
    • Research with Sports Medicine fellowship faculty
    • Case presentations for local and national meetings

Ideas for engagement:

First Year (R1)

    • Information for American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) resident membership, conferences, and Fellowships website:
    • Survival Skills didactics
    • Use elective time for research project/clinical review paper
    • If you are interested in Fellowship training, start looking into Fellowship options.
      • Some Fellowships offer specific procedural training, sports specific coverage or may have a research emphasis.
      • Look into accredited Fellowships, which will lead to a Certificate of Additional Qualification (CAQ) in Sports Medicine
      • Join AMSSM (yearly resident membership)Review Fellowship application to see what is needed to be competitive:
      • Join the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM):
      • Attend Sports Medicine Journal Club (throughout residency when rotations allow) Thursdays, 6:45 am – University Orthopedic Center

Second Year (R2)

    • Sports Medicine rotation
    • Team physician experience
    • Continue research project work
    • Submit a case to AMSSM or ACSM
    • Submit a research project to AMSSM or ACSM
    • Attend AMSSM annual conference and meet with Fellowship Directors
    • Advanced Sports Medicine rotation

Third Year (R3)

    • Attend one conference, advanced team physician course, AMSSM annual meeting or ACSM annual meeting
    • Advanced rotations: Snowbird Emergency Clinic, orthopedic surgery, musculoskeletal radiology, rheumatology, physical medicine and rehabilitation