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Family Medicine - Residency

Clinics & Hospitals

The University of Utah Family Medicine Residency provides a unique combination of a strong community hospital and community clinics augmented by excellent University rotations.

Resident Clinics

Sugar House Health CenterSugar House Health Center

The Sugar House Health Center is a unique facility that gives special attention to every aspect of your family's health. We have experts in primary care and multiple specialty areas. Our doctors take the time to make sure you stay healthy throughout your life.

  • Busy resident continuity practices provide full-scope family medicine services
  • Supervision by dedicated and skilled faculty
  • Diverse patient populations: refugees, people with disabilities, Medicare and Medicaid, privately insured, socioeconomically disadvantaged, valley mental health, non-English speakers, LGBTQ, addiction, hepatitis C, HIV PrEP
  • On-site clinical support team that includes pharmacists, psychologists, nutritionists, and care managers
  • Additional opportunities with longitudinal clinics to further develop individual interests with specific populations such as pediatrics, obstetrics, Spanish-speaking, and underserved.


Salt Lake Regional Medical Center (SLRMC)

Salt Lake RegionalLocated one and a half miles from the university, SLRMC is the residency's primary hospital for inpatient training. At Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, family medicine residents staff the family medicine service and emergency room.

SLRMC is also the site for the general surgery rotation, which emphasizes outpatient ambulatory surgical procedures and assisting skills on inpatient cases, and the cardiology rotation.

University HospitalUniversity Hospital

The University Hospital (UH) provides three key learning opportunities for our residents. These include obstetrics, the medical intensive care unit, and the newborn nursery. Teaching faculty in these settings include family medicine attendings, obstetrical and perinatal faculty, pulmonologist intensivists, and the pediatric faculty.

Primary Children's HospitalPrimary Children’s Hospital

Pediatric rotations take place at Primary Children's Hospital (PCH). As the pediatric referral hospital for the Intermountain West, Primary Children's offers an unparalleled experience to residents in the pediatric emergency room, inpatient units, and outpatient specialty clinics.

Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC)

VA HospitalThe VA Salt Lake City Health Care System is a major affiliate of the University of Utah School of Medicine, training over 500 residents, interns, and students each year. Family medicine residents will have the opportunity to spend time within the VA system for dermatology and specialty rotations.

LDS HospitalLDS Hospital

LDS Hospital is located two miles from University Hospital and serves as the secondary training site for obstetric rotations. At LDS, residents work alongside Community Health Center attendings and OB fellows. This rotation allows residents to work more autonomously, strengthening confidence and independence as an OB provider.

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