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The Center for Meeting Effectiveness (CME) works to improve work-life, well-being, and employee safety, one meeting at a time. Better meetings have been linked to improved performance on every level, from individuals to teams to entire organizations. At the CME, we offer science-based meeting management best practices for the purpose of improving meeting inputs, process, and outcomes.

"Meetings are an inevitable expectation for today’s workers—for better, or more often, for worse."

At the CME, we offer the following services: 

  • Consultation on all areas related to meeting input, process, and outcomes.
  • Observational techniques with immediate feedback
  • Coaching for leaders and attendees
  • Organization-wide interventions improving meeting effectiveness
  • Customized approach to fit all organization shapes and sizes
  • Lab-based micro-behavioral interventions available for TMT and other core team

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The Director of the CME is Dr. Joe Allen, an established expert on workplace and safety meetings. No other researcher has published more works related to meeting science or has the background in consulting required to transition science to practice. Dr. Allen works within the Occupational and Environmental Health (OEH), an education and research center focused on protecting worker health and safety. Faculty and staff at OEH offer additional expertise in employee safety, well-being, and managing hazards.

Note: The CME is currently under consideration for center status at the University of Utah