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Tutorial Groups or Clinical Associates is a problem-based learning format designed to introduce the concepts of data collection, the integrated physical exam, focused physical exam, clinical decision-making, and evidence-based medicine.

This unique group of PA instructors are clinically practicing PAs who meet weekly with a small group of PA students (4 students) to develop clinical reasoning skills in a small group setting.

The PA student will:

    • Elicit and record historical information
    • Collect and record objective information through physical examination
    • Verbally communicate the data collected in an expeditious fashion to preceptors
    • Integrate clinical decision-making skills into the practice setting
    • Use evidence-based medicine concepts in patient evaluation and care

Weekly small group learning sessions run with one Clinical Associate throughout the year to facilitate and mentor the learning of four PA students.

Clinial Associates

Clinical Associates:
Group #1   Jared Spackman, MPAS, PA-C
Group #2   Lance Linscott, MPAS, PA-C
Group #3   Jennifer Coombs, PhD, MPAS, PA-C
Group #4   Duke Gibson, MPAS, PA-C
Group #5   Kelsey Genovessee, MPAS, PA-C
Group #6   Dana Lombardi, MPAS, PA-C
Group #7   Bryan Franco, MPAS, PA-C
Group #8   Martha Mandujano, MPAS, PA-C
Group #9   Darin Ryujin, MPAS, PA-C
Group #10   TBD
Group #11   Shaun Curran, MPAS, PA-C
Group #12   Chaz Whitbeck, MMSc, PA-C
Group #13   Elijah Fielding, MSPAS, MPH, PA-C
Group #14   Russell Robinson, MMSc, PA-C
Group #15   Craig Ensign, MPAS, PA-C
Group #16   Amelia Bell, MPAS, PA-C
Group #17   Melanie Murphy, MBA, PA-C