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Why Hire a PA: The Physician-PA Team

PAs are qualified providers integral to the health care team. They allow practices to increase efficiency, see more patients, increase revenue, increase patient satisfaction, and free up more time for the physician.

The NCCPA Foundation has produced a documentary profiling five PA-Physician Teams. Foundation Programs Physician-PA Teams Project

Donald M. Pedersen, PhD, PA-C; Boyd Chappell; Gar Elison; Robert Bunnell, MS, PA-C; January 01, 2008. “The productivity of PAs, APRNs, and physicians in Utah” The Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Helpful Links Regarding PA Licensing, Prescribing Practice, and Certification
Salary Information
  • Estimated average salary for newly graduate PA in Utah for 2011/2012: $85,000
  • Estimated average salary for experienced PA in Utah for 2011/2012: $93,000

For more detailed salary information (average salary by specialty or by state), visit the Advance website.