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Physician Assistant Program St. George Campus

St. George Campus

The St. George extension of Physician Assistant Program is in collaboration with the University of Utah School of Medicine and Dixie State University. The St. George classroom is located at the Russell C. Taylor Health Science Center Building, near the Dixie Regional Medical Center, a level II trauma center that serves Southeast Nevada, Northwest Arizona, and Southern Utah.

Russell D Taylor Bldg

ARC-PA, the Accreditation Review Commission for Education of the Physician Assistant has granted accreditation for the remote campus in St. George. Candidates interested in the St. George campus may identify campus preference when applying through CASPA: there is no separate admissions process for the remote campus. Campus preference will be taken into consideration for those receiving offers of admission following in-person interview. 

Application requirements are the same as those for the Salt Lake City campus. Click here for details on how to apply. 

St. George campus students are required to travel to Salt Lake City for the following events:

  • Orientation week, 1st semester
  • School of Medicine commencement, 7th semester (if on clinical rotation in the state of Utah)
  • Board Prep Review and Graduation week, 7th semester

Students carpooling with at least 4 students per vehicle may be reimbursed for fuel charges. St. George students may make arrangements to stay with Salt Lake City classmates, or stay elsewhere at one's own expense.

Health services are provided by both the University of Utah and Dixie State University. Please see these links for more information: and

Lectures will occur synchronously via Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) technology. Students will attend lectures in-person, with faculty and guest lectures originating from both St. George and Salt Lake City. All of the components of training will be equivalent and provided at both sites.

At the University of Utah Physician Assistant Division, we take pride in our consistent dedication to fulfill our mission. Expanding PA education to southern Utah will allow us to better provide primary care services to rural and underserved communities. The abilities granted by modern technology and educator commitment to fulfill this endeavor will reinvigorate our tried-and-true methods, and celebrate the spirit of the Physician Assistant profession.