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Many preceptors have already had experience in teaching students and feel quite comfortable in the teaching role. Each year, however, we are fortunate to have new preceptors willing to dedicate their time and expertise to a UPAP student. The goals of the UPAP clinical year are to provide quality clinical instruction and a nurturing learning environment to PA students so the student may effectively acquire the clinical skills necessary to function as a competent certified PA under the supervision of licensed physicians.


Site Visits
A member of UPAP's faculty will arrange to meet with the student and primary care preceptor once for full-day formal evaluation of the student in the primary care setting. Throughout the year, UPAP faculty may also spend a half or full day site visit at specialty practices. The faculty member will observe the student during patient encounters and interactions with their preceptors. Site visits for Friday Clinics are accomplished between January and July, while site visits during the clinical year can occur between August and July. If a preceptor has any concerns about the student or feels a site visit may be needed, please do not to hesitate to contact the program directly.

Clinical Year Rotation Objectives
Please click on the following to access the student objectives for specific rotations. Please note that many specialty objectives can be found in the "Primary Care Objectives" and "Emergency Medicine Objectives".

Adjunct Clinical Faculty Process and Benefits
Preceptors who work with our students are eligible for adjunct faculty status at the University of Utah. Learn more about these benefits and review the application:

Please contact Julie Thomson for further information.

Helpful Precepting Tips

There are many online resources to aid preceptors in the teaching process. Please refer to the following pages for helpful suggestions and tips on effective precepting.