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HRSA Training Grant

The goal of this 5-year training grant is to better prepare students at the University of Utah PA program (UPAP) for primary care practice, particularly among rural and underserved populations.


  1. To increase primary care training, with an emphasis on rural and underserved areas, to result in an increased number of graduates working in primary care.
  2. To enhance PA student, faculty, and primary care interprofessional team training to care for patients with opioid and substance use disorders.
  3. To enhance PA student and primary care interprofessional team performance with evidence-based training and care for patients with mental health disorders, with a focus on suicide prevention.
  4. To develop and implement a systematic model to promote PA student, faculty, and primary care interprofessional team wellness and burnout prevention.

Grant Team:
Virginia Valentin
Katherine Fortenberry
Shaun Curran
Amanda Maloney Johns
Richard Bennett
Rayne Loder
Jared Spackman
Jennifer Coombs
Rodney Handy
Melissa Husebye
Trent Henry

Subject Matter Experts:
Melissa Cheng
Mary Steinmann
Amy Locke
Ivette Lopez

PI: Virginia L. Valentin
Co-PI: Katie Fortenberry
Dates: 7/1/19 - 6/30-2024
Contact for questions regarding this project: Trent Henry at