Ghana - Junior Global Scholars


Project Site - Kpong, Ghana, West Africa

Tentative Trip Dates Ghana

Ghana + Paris: June 8 - June 27, 2018

Ghana + Paris Trip Cost (2018 pricing)
Student cost: $3,900.00
Optional four credit hour cost: $920.27

Application Deadline: January 12, 2018
$500.00 Deposit Required

(Costs include shared accommodations, program-related travel, international health insurance, program excursions, welcome and farewell social events, and some meals. Costs do not include international airfare, passport and visa fees, some meals, personal expenses, optional excursions).

Why go on a University of Utah Junior Global Health Scholars trip?

  • Work one-on-one with University of Utah faculty based in Utah and Ghana
  • Obtain first-hand research experience including data collection, analysis, and presentation
  • Optional University of Utah college credit (4 hours)
  • Improve your college application with real-world global health experience and potential letters of recommendation from University of Utah faculty
  • Expand your horizons, travel, and gain new friends from the US and Ghana

Would you like to earn college credit for your Junior Global Scholars Trip?
The Division of Public Health is offering high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors the opportunity to earn college credit through the High School University Program (HSUP) for participating in the Junior Global Scholars trip. The optional four credit hour cost will be in addition to the trip costs.

Ensign College Map

Research Experience
The research projects are used by decision makers in Ghana to improve health in the Kpong area. The research projects for summer 2018 have been requested by partners at the local hospital, tribal leaders, and public health officers. The answers we provide help to shape future research, as well as solve real problems people are experiencing now. The 2018 research projects include:

  • Survey research of growth and nutrition in children 0-18 years old in rural villages
  • Survey research of lifestyle in high school students
  • Qualitative interviews of women’s health and breast cancer screening
  • Water sample collection and assessment of quality

Students participating in the Junior Global Scholars Program will interact with colleagues from the Ensign College of Public Health and community members living in Ghana. Students will be part of a research team to help improve the health of the people in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The 2018 excursions link to public health, culture and art, and ecotourism, and may include:

Ghana 3
  • Slave castle tour and canopy walk (Cape Coast, Ghana)
  • Volta dam tour and river exploration (Kpong area, Ghana)
  • Elephant safari, ecotourism, & Larabanga mosque (Mole National Park area, Ghana)
  • Culture, trade and economy (Cedi beads in Kpong, Ghana; markets in Kumasi & Accra, Ghana; Ashante Museum in Kumasi, Ghana)
  • Public Health solutions in Paris (Catacombs, Sewer museum, Pasteur Institute)
  • Public Health in art & history (Louvre museum, Notre Dame, Arc D’Triomphe)

June 2017 Itinerary:
June 5 The Ghana Team leaves for Ghana
June 6 The Ghana Team arrives in Ghana
Travel to Kpong
June 7 Orientation
June 8 Health2Go Research Project
June 9 Health2Go Research Project
June 10 Health2Go Research Project
June 11 Elmina Slave Castle & Canopy Walk
June 12 Health2Go Research Project
Paris June 13 Conference on Albinism
June 14 Health2Go Research Project
June 15 Travel from Kpong to Kumasi
June 16 Kumasi
June 17 Travel from Kumasi to Mole National Park
June 18 Mole National Park
June 19Travel from Mole National Park to Kumasi
June 20 Travel Kumasi to Kpong
June 21 Health2Go Research Project
June 22 Health2Go Research Project
June 23 Travel to Accra, Fly out Late Evening for Paris
June 24Travel to Paris – Arrive in Paris in the afternoon
June 25 Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame
June 26 Paris Sewer Museum, Pasteur Institute
June 27 Catacombs
June 28 Travel from Paris to Salt Lake

Students in Ghana

Contact Information

Lisa Gren, PhD

Pamela Lyon
Phone: 801-585-5303