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Trip Dates

The Peru LA Program has been cancelled for Summer 2021 due to Covid-19
This Program is planning to run again in Summer 2022

Estimated Peru Trip Cost

Undergraduate student cost: Four Credit: $5,558
Graduate student cost: Four Credit: $5,618

(Dates above represent first and last days in each country. Costs include tuition, shared dormitory accommodations, program-related travel, international health insurance, program excursions, welcome and farewell social events, and some meals. Costs do not include international airfare, passport and visa fees, some meals, personal expenses, optional excursions, independent travel.)


(Subject to change)

- 11 days of Field Work
- 5 days of excursions
- 5 days travel by plane, train, and bus
- Fully escorted by co-directors

Deadline & Registration

February 15, 2021

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Trujillo, Peru is a coastal city in northern Peru on the seaward edge of the vast desert plain at the mouth of the Moche Valley. It is the 3rd largest city in Peru, yet the town, founded in 1534 by Diego Almagro on the orders of Francisco Pizarro, retains the Spanish colonial feel of a much smaller town. Peru as a country is currently dealing with the double burden of disease, the transition from mortality from mostly infectious diseases to mortality caused by mostly chronic diseases. Trujillo is a true Peruvian city with little tourism making it an ideal location to learn and embrace local culture and to build cross cultural understanding


We are currently building relations with local universities, community leaders and various health facilities to enhance collaborative efforts and support joint public health education and research.
    • Utah Division of Public Health
    • Cesar Vallejo University


We are a three-week summer program based in Peru, a country in Latin America, which is composed of desert, mountain and rainforest regions. While it enjoys vigorous economic growth, its poverty rate is estimated at 40%. These factors combine to make Peru an ideal place for learning and service. It has the geography to provide varied medical experience and it has the economy to support lasting improvement. We focus on quality improvement initiatives. We followed the motto "that which we measure, we improve." We further believe that sustained improvement can only be obtained if the local population is involved and takes leadership in all collaborations. We are open to medical students and anyone with interest in global health care. Since we are working with the local population Spanish speaking skills are a great help.

Research/Community Engaged Activities:

    • As we re-energize past relationships with the University of Cesar Vallejo and build new relationships with community stakeholders, the documentation of the process itself it worth planning, implementing and evaluating.
    • Antimicrobial Resistance among Potential Human Pathogens in Water and Sanitation Systems.
    • Maternal/Child Health Surveillance and Education with District Health

The Experience

Strengthen relationships with Cesar Vallejo University and local communities
    • Work among communities with unique health needs
    • Get involved with research projects
      • Past topics included adolescent health and heart health
    • Build local capacity to identify and address problems
    • Gain opportunities to present at conferences
    • Immerse yourself in the culture of Trujillo!

While in country, students will travel with their teams to their respective locations in order to strengthen relationships with local hospital and physician collaborators, collect the necessary information and begin to analyze the data. Lectures will be given throughout the stay in order for students to understand the fundamentals of travel medicine, issues and current trends in global health, and in depth discussion of the illnesses with which they are involved in researching, including the global burden of these diseases and the role of their work in decreasing this burden.

Upon arriving home, students will have the opportunity to work as teams to finish compiling the data obtained and to write an abstract of sufficient quality to be submitted for presentation at a national conference.

Experience the history, coast, and culture of Peru

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Student Quotes

“I loved the time I got to spend in Peru, and the exciting educational opportunities that I had while there. My eyes were opened to the many differences between the United States and other nations. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything.” (Katherine Black, 2014)

“Studying in Peru broadened my perspective of health care in other parts of the world and made me want to pursue a career in global health.” (Kristin Armstrong, 2014)

“The magic radiating from every corner of Peru stems from its people. I loved interacting with them, learning from them, and just enjoying what Peru had to officer. I’m looking forward to my next visit to Peru!” (Jessica, MPH/MSW Student)

“No pictures could substitute Machu Picchu in person.” (Migel, International Studies Student)

“We walked where the Incas walked. We went surfing with the locals.” (Ben Viernes, Master of Public Health Student)

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