How We Are Different

economic programsFor Example

  • We have developed a system of residency and specialty medical training that results in a transfer of knowledge that can be independently maintained by the host country.
  • We are providing mentoring of local R&D teams who have now taken the lead on work being conducted.
  • We are engaging communities to systematically access prioritize and tackle local problems.

Making a real difference

Global Public Health programs have provided research findings and interventions leading to reduced infectious disease transmission, cleaner water supplies, early detection of pediatric malaria and a new approach to addressing challenges in the developing world.

We are:

  • Creating and extending sustainable programs into local communities in collaboration with partner universities, hospitals, local governments and civic leaders.
  • Exchanging students, faculty and health professionals with partner universities and hospitals worldwide to create mutual benefit, while giving participants a deeper understanding and respect for the host and visiting country’s culture and tradition.
  • Creating long-term partnerships and ongoing programs that can be replicated in other parts of each country and in other countries around the world where similar need exists.

Education Can Stop the Spread of Disease

The flu pandemic underscored a reality that infectious disease doctors have long known – country borders and geographic boundaries, even oceans, will not stop the spread of new diseases. But disease CAN be controlled, and even stopped, if the populations affected have the resources to access health services and understand how best to combat illness. In a world as interconnected as ours, "our community" is much more than our neighborhood, our city, our state, or even our country. Our community is the world, and the Global Public Health is working in select regions all over the world to create lasting health improvements that are felt around the world and in our own neighborhoods..


The Global Public Health has a lasting impact on the world’s population: improving health, delivering service, alleviating poverty and bringing the best the world has to offer back to the students and faculty here at home. And the Global Public Health is changing people’s lives not by handing out donations but by finding ways to create independence. Education in hospitals and rural clinics results in local programs that extend their teaching out into the communities. The Global Public Health is helping form cooperatives to equitably share the fruits of group labor and to collaboratively finance small agribusiness. The Global Public Health is studying disease vectors and models for affecting community change.

We Need You

It’s that simple.  Complex problems can’t be solved by one project, one university, or even one group acting alone.  Working across disciplines, across oceans, and across cultures requires all of us to bring our many talents, financial resources, and time  together to make a lasting difference.  If you are looking for the best ways to use your resources to make the greatest impact, please consider the Global Health Initiative as your choice of where to be involved.


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Helping Others...

Gladys Ashitey People come to us from all over the world offering to help and often nothing happens.  The University of Utah has brought us programs that have been implemented with a clear understanding of our culture and our needs.  Utah follows through - they deliver what they have promised.

Dr. Gladys Ashitey, former Member of Parliament & Deputy Minister of Health, Ghana

Contact Information

Pamela Lyon
Global Public Health Coordinator
Phone: 801-585-5303