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About our Career Page

The Public Health Career Resources page was created to help students better prepare for the future as public health professionals. We hope this page will help students enhance their resumes, develop their interview skills, create networking opportunities through LinkedIn, and provide useful resources for career exploration. The career page includes links, workshops, resume samples, and a job board. The hope is that these resources will help students identify what employers are looking for and how to frame their experiences to give them a competitive edge after graduation.

In addition to the Public Health Career Resources page students are encouraged to make use of the University of Utah Career and Professional Development Center. The Center’s purpose is to support students and alumni by helping them design their own individualized life plans. Their mission is to “help students better understand who they are, what they want to do professionally, and what steps they need to take to get there. Seeing a Career Coach early and often, is the most important step towards achieving this goal and feeling confident in one’s career direction.”