Required Courses

Public Health/Biostatistics Track Required Courses: 9 credits

(Choose 9 credit hours from the following:)

Please be mindful that the Public Health/Biostatistics Track courses require pre-requisites. It is the student’s responsibility to satisfy those pre-requisites before applying.

PBHLT 6106 Categorical Data Analysis (Pre-requisites PBHLT 6100, 6300, MATH 1210, 1220, 2270, 5080, 5090 OR INSTRUCTOR CONSENT) 3 Every other Fall 19’
PBHLT 6300 Epidemiology I (Pre-requisite INSTRUCTOR CONSENT) 3 Fall/Spring
PBHLT 6307-6308 Biostatistics Seminar (Pre-requisite INSTRUCTOR CONSENT) 1 Spring
PBHLT 7100 Biostatistics II (Pre-requisite PBHLT 6100) 3 Spring
PBHLT 7300 Epidemiology II (Pre-requisite PBHLT 6300) 3 Fall
PBHLT 7120 Linear and Logistic Regression Models (Pre-Requisite PBHLT 7100) 3 Fall
PBHLT 7130 Longitudinal Data Analysis (Pre-Requisites PBHLT 6100, 6300, 7120, MATH 5080,5090 OR INSTRUCTOR CONSENT) 3 Spring

Statistics Electives: minimum of 6 credit hours

Students will select a minimum of two electives (6 credits) from the list below:

Please note that the semester of the approved elective courses listed below are subject to change.

STAT 6003 Survey of Statistical Computer Packages 3 Fall/Spring
STAT 6769 Introduction to Hierarchical Linear Models 3
STAT 6969 Spec Topic in Statistics 3 Spring
STAT 6571 Found. Of Applied Data Anal. & Visualization 3
STAT 6572 Nonparametric Statistics 3
STAT 6573 Practical Data Science 3
STAT 6574 Intro to Bayesian Methods 3

Total: 15 credits

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