The following courses comprise the MPH curriculum for a total of 45 credit hours. .

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
PBHLT 6300 Epidemiology I 3
PBHLT 6500 Public Health Systems and Services 3
PBHLT 6600 Social and Behavioral Science in Public Health 3
PBHLT 6100 Biostatistics I 3
PBHLT 6550 Public Health Program Planning, Evaluation & Implementation 3
PBHLT 6700 Environmental & Biological Science in Public Health 3
PBHLT 6400 Public Health Management & Practice 3
PBHLT 6900 Capstone 3
Core Credit Hours Required 24
Elective Credit Hours Required 15
Practicum Credit Hours Required 6
Total Credit Hours: 45

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Only courses and electives that have been approved and published as part of the MD degree program can apply toward meeting the requirements for the MD degree. No retroactive credit will be given for courses taken during the leave of absence or when not matriculated as a medical student. Credit for courses or rotations taken in pursuit of the MD degree toward meeting the requirements of the public health degree will be given at the discretion of the Division of Public Health.

Medical School Elective Courses (7 hours):

Students can count any of the following electives to apply towards the elective requirement.

INTMD 7740 Medical Ethics
INTMD 7580 Global Medicine
INTMD 7650 Infectious Disease Clinical Clerkship
INDMD 7780 Internal Medicine in the Community
INTMD 7880 Research Problems in Infectious Disease
INTMD 7990 Global Health Preceptorship
OBST 7030 Perinatal Medicine
OBST 7110 Women’s Health Elective
PEDS 7110 Pediatric Infectious Diseases
PEDS 7200 International Medicine-Pediatrics in Guatemala
PEDS 7220 Diabetes Summer Camp
PEDS 7270 Pediatric Research (based in Public Health)
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