The Teaching and Research Practicum are only necessary for students who started the PhD program prior to fall 2018

PhD Research Practicum (PBHLT 7960)


The purpose of the PhD Research Practicum is two fold: First to have the student form a working relationship with a member of the full time public health program faculty who will serve as the chair of his/her dissertation committee; second to identify, with the assistance of the same faculty member, a suitable topic about which to write his/her PhD dissertation.


By the end of this practicum the student should have identified a suitable topic for his/her PhD dissertation and have prepared a detailed proposal which can be submitted to the public health program faculty for their approval as a dissertation topic.

PhD Teaching Practicum (PBHLT 7965)


The goal of this practicum is to give the student experience in teaching within the Public Health Program. The student must work with the one of the full time faculty members of the Public Health Program. The practicum must include the presentation of lectures on part or the entire curriculum for a particular course. It should include the development of laboratory exercises, or other learning materials; the development, administration and grading of tests; the development and presentation of lectures one or more parts of a course.

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