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Scholarship Opportunities

The Division of Public Health Scholarships are made possible through the generous contributions from friends and alumni of the Division of Public Health. A list of available scholarships and the scholarship application will be sent out to current students each fall semester.

Global Public Health Learning Abroad Scholarship: A general scholarship to help defray educational costs for qualified undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a learning abroad program through the Division of Public Health. Past recipients: Ben Viernes (2013), Ashlie Gilbert (2013), Patom Lerslerphant (2014), Carol Foote (2014), Elizabeth Hughes (2015), Ashley Birdsall (2016), Ketevan Amirkhanasvaili (2016), Kayoung Kim (2017), Annette Harris (2017), Sara Boyack (2018), Uonita Khachoomian (2018).

Global Health Innovation Competition Scholarship: A general scholarship to award an undergraduate or graduate student who has completed a learning abroad program and desires to return to the same region to implement an innovative idea in collaboration with a faculty mentor for improving health. Past recipients: Olga Gray (2013), Justine Jennings (2014), Jeanette Nelson (2015), Jeanette Nelson (2016), Emilee Eden (2017), Madison LeMelle (2017), Chelsea Sommer (2018).

Charles Hughes Memorial Scholarship: A scholarship established to recognize Dr. Hughes, former Director of the Public Health Program (1979-1997). Past recipients: Janice Panichello (2007), Karen Schliep (2007), Carma Miller (2008), Brooke Walsh (2010), Katelyn Long (2011), Alex Maiersperger (2013), Stephanie Croasdell (2013), Cory McCann (2014), Alison Kemp (2015), Rachel Hemmert (2016), Rachel Forrest (2017), Daniel Brandley (2018).

F. Marian Bishop Scholarship: This is a general scholarship established in honor of Dr. Bishop, former Chair of the Department of Family & Preventive Medicine (1984-1994) and head of the Public Health Program from 1997 to 1999. Past recipients: Jennifer Coombs (2007), Sara Simonsen (2007), Karen Schliep (2008), Julia Bills (2008), Isa Kaluhikaua (2009), Nirupma Singh (2010), Daisy Krakowiak (2010), Windy Tanner (2011), Sharon Austin (2011), Rachel Sippy (2013), Sakinah Najmabadi (2014), Constance Westmoreland (2015), Marci Harris (2016), Kathryn Young (2017), Laura Martel (2018).

James C. Reading Scholarship: A general scholarship established in 2001 in the name of James C. Reading to provide scholarships for public health students. Past recipients: Benjamin Crookston (2007), Connie Kitchens (2008), Karen Schliep (2008), Devin Petersen (2011), Yan Xie (2013), Jared Hanson (2014), Tenley Klc (2016), Ashley Birdsall (2017), Suengmin Kim (2018).

Pete Suazo Scholarship: The late Utah State Senator Pete Suazo worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for the Hispanic community – indeed, for all minority citizens – in Utah. He was also a champion of public health issues for minorities, supporting reduced tobacco use and substance abuse, advocating immunizations for adults and children, and improving access to health care for all Utah Citizens. Past recipients: Ingrid Sanchez (2003), John Contreras (2006), John Contreras (2007), Scarlett Reeves (2008), Lisa Coy (2009), Scarlett Reeves (2011), Anna Gardiner (2011), Kandi Velarde (2013), Anna Gardiner (2014), Anna Gardiner (2016), Sheila Mota (2017), Alisha Jimenez (2017), David Contreras (2018).

Scholarship for Underrepresented Students (Minority Endowed Scholarship) This scholarship is available for students fully matriculated in a Division of Public Health degree program who are members of an underrepresented minority or from disadvantaged background. Our intention with this scholarship is to support and increase diversity within the student body. Increasing diversity in the health workforce requires recognition of many other dimensions including, but not limited to sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, cultural background, socio-economic status, disability, and language. Past Recipients: Linda Herrera (2006), Jill Jim (2007), Felicia Alvarez (2008), Scharlett Reeves (2009), Steve Manortey (2010), Hina Yazdani (2010), Hassan Hassan (2011), Bing Tian (2011), Grant Sunada (2013), Tina Huynh (2013), Patom Leslerphant (2014), Tina Huynh (2015), Florence Tolefoa (2016), Jill Jim (2017), Monica Salas Jimenez (2018), Deyze Badarane (2018).

Rod L. Betit Endowed Leadership Scholarship: A general scholarship established in 2003 in the name of Rod L. Betit to support scholarships in Public Health. Past recipients: Audrey Stevenson (2006), Windy Winn (2007), Michael Lowe (2008), Michael Lowe (2011), Kathryn Crane (2013), Ashley Lunt (2015), Grant Sunada (2016), Matthew Wells (2017), Annette Harris (2018).

J Leavitt Endowed Maternal & Child Health Scholarship: A general scholarship established in 2004 to support studies of child and maternal health in Public Health. Past recipients: Sara Simonsen (2006), Audrey Stevenson (2007), Ben Crookston (2008), Jessica Sanders (2011), Kinga Baboczi (2013), Nicole Bailey (2014), Megan Carson (2016), Sydney Willis (2017), Joyce Kim (2018).

PH Alumni Scholarship: This is a general scholarship to be awarded to a student who has proven potential to make future contributions within the field of Public Health. Past recipients: Kirsen Sullivan (2015), Matt McCord (2015), Jim Gudgeon (2016), Annette Harris (2017), Grant Sunada (2017), Andrea Baxter (2018), Anatasia Borodai (2018).