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U-POWER holds quarterly Town Hall meetings for community partners and stakeholders to share their ongoing initiatives and to present information relevant to the populations they serve. Town Halls are currently held on Zoom and are open to all. To learn more about Town Halls or to receive an invitation, please contact 

Spring 2023 Town Hall

Join U-POWER in 2023 for a Town Hall Q&A focused on our mini grant program! Our mini grant program provides between $500 - $2,500 of funding to support community-initiated projects dedicated to work health and equity as well as building capacity for our community of practice. Awards may also take the form of technical assistance (e.g. grant writing help, U-POWER consultants, literature reviews, preparation of materials). This Town Hall is intended to provide information on individual grant ideas, help with writing the application, and finding partners for a mini grant.

spring 2023 town hall

Fall 2022 Town Hall

U-POWER's Fall 2022 Town Hall was held on September 20, 2022 at 11:00 am (MST) and featured a presentation and forum based on "Integrating Occupational Health with Mainstream Public Health in Massachusetts: An Approach to Intervention" (Davis and Souza, 2009). This article offers lessons learned from partnerships between health departments and occupational health practitioners and how to utilize state-level surveillance data to monitor worker health.

We included a brief overview of Utah's occupational health issues and information on upcoming U-POWER activities, including mini grants. The last 15 minutes provided time for discussion and networking between community partners. 

fall 2022 town hall