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Program Components

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Training & Development: U-HELM Fellows attend monthly seminar sessions (currently via Zoom). Sessions cover critical topics related to cultural identities, e.g., diversity in a racist world, micro-aggressions, bystander training, allyship, and resilience. U-HELM is not a research mentoring program; research-related topics may come up but are not the focus.

Mentoring: Fellows are matched with a senior-level faculty mentor to address issues of leadership and cultural identity. Mentors are chosen based on their experience with equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts; they are offered mentoring training with proven methods to enhance effectiveness. U-HELM is designed to supplement existing mentoring relationships by addressing domains not usually covered in traditional, discipline-based academic relationships.

Networking: Fellows have opportunities to network with peers, mentors, and leaders from the University of Utah and beyond.

Due to the pandemic, all meetings, including seminar sessions, networking opportunities, and Fellow-mentor meetings, are currently conducted via Zoom.