Mentor List

NAME Fellow Expertise
Kristina Callis Duffin, MD, MS
School of Medicine
  • Clinical Teaching
  • Online Teaching - educational videos for online/hybrid courses
Beth Cardell, PhD, OTR/L
College of Health 
  • Curriculum/Course Development - Courses should be set up with proper rigor and purpose for the students to learn from them
  • Teaching Strategies - I like to use a variety of active teaching methods in my courses that have meaning to the students, not just “busy work” 
  • Technology in Education - I restructured a traditional course to be a hybrid and found different ways to include technology in my courses- during class time and as a learning tool outside the classroom 
Sue Chase-Cantarini, RN, MS, DNP
College of Nursing
  • Curriculum/Course Development - Almost 2 decades of course development (clinical, didactic, online, hybrid and simulation) and curriculum mapping of concepts and content
  • Interprofessional Education - Have been involved in leading of IPE initiatives across health sciences for the past decade
  • Online Teaching - Have utilized best practices of online and hybrid baccalaureate courses for the past decade
Timothy W. Farrell, MD

School of Medicine

  • Clinical Teaching - I work with health professions trainees at various levels of training, including medical students, residents, and fellows, as well as physician assistant and clinical pharmacy trainees
  • Educational Scholarship/Research - I have experience in writing and reviewing for academic journals and online resources focused on geriatrics education
  • Interprofessional Education - I am actively involved in IPE initiatives at the U of Utah, including care transitions education and simulation-based training
Tiffany Glasgow, MD
School of Medicine
  • Clinical Teaching - I co-direct the Clinical Methods and Medical Decision Making Course in School of Medicine
  • Curriculum/Course Development - All of the curriculum  for the Clinical Methods Course was created and tailored for University of Utah medical students
  • Faculty Development - There are multiple core faculty involved in the CMC course and I do weekly faculty development to create cohesive and consistent curriculum delivery and evaluation
Karen Gunning, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP
College of Pharmacy 
  • Clinical Teaching - Extensive experience with design, assessment and change over time of clinical rotations with a variety of health science students. 
Kurt Hegmann, MD, MPH
School of Medicine
  • Assessment, Feedback and Evaluation - 18 years of experience writing Board examination questions
  • Program/Curriculum/Course Development - Co-founded 2 masters degrees and 1 PhD program. Planning, inception, and building support for new curricula, including new degree programs
  • Program Administration/Educational Leadership - 12 years leading a national Education and Research Center that includes interdisciplinary degree programs. Efficient strategies for administering and managing education programs. 
Hester Henderson, PhD
College of Health 
  • Curriculum/Course Development - Developing course outlines
  • Teaching Strategies - Engaging students, using Universal Design for Learning
  • Faculty Development - Developing RPT Portfolios 
Harriet Hopf, MD

School of Medicine

  • Educational Scholarship/Research -  Evaluation of the impact of educational efforts
  • Faculty Development - Making choices that align with your interests and strengths and advance your career. When to say yes vs. no vs. when to seek out a different opportunity.
  • Mentoring - How to be a good mentor and how to make best use of mentors
Sara M. Lamb, MD
School of Medicine
  • Clinical Teaching
  • Curriculum/Course Development
  • Educational Leadership/Administration
David A. Morton, PhD
School of Medicine
  • Assessment, Feedback and Evaluation - Conducted workshops on creating effective assessments (MCQ’s; oral) 
  • Curriculum/Course Development - Serve as course director for “Foundations of Medicine” and “Skin, Muscle, Bone and Joint” courses in the preclinical curriculum for the SOM
  • Teaching Strategies - Teach anatomy in large classroom, small groups and laboratory settings for medical, dental, physical therapy, occupational therapy and physical assistant students for the past 15 years
Linda Tyler, PharmD 
College of Pharmacy
  • Assessment, Feedback and Evaluation - I serve as Residency Program Director for our Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency program which as part of developing residents means we place heavy emphasis on methods on this with our residents and preceptors
  • Educational Leadership/Administration - I serve as Associate Dean for Pharmacy Practice and am responsible for how we develop practice sites for faculty practice that serve as great sites for our students and residents
  • Teaching Strategies - I taught the drug information, literature evaluation, and statistic course for many years and have worked with various teaching strategies, especially developing writing skills
Stephen Voron, MD
(Distinguished Fellow - retired)
School of Medicine
  • Teaching Strategies - Creating lecture notes & presentations for 100% retention
  • Online Teaching - Text editor of HyperBrain, an online neuroanatomy tutorial


Sara Julian
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (801) 585-3439