Utah Coaching and Advancement Network (UCAN)


The mission of the Utah Coaching and Advancement Network (UCAN) is to provide opportunities for trainees, faculty, and staff to promote professional effectiveness, career advancement, and a culture of caring and collegiality through coaching.

 UCAN Aims:

  1. To build capacity for providing professional effectiveness and career advancement coaching to trainees, faculty, and staff.
  2. To create a community of learning for faculty interested in developing and practicing coaching skills.
  3. To provide a structure (a network) and opportunities for faculty who are engaged in coaching or are interested in coaching that promotes the development of coaching capacity through a community learning model.

Coaching Workshops

Coaching Workshops are held monthly to facilitate community building among coaches and development of coaching skills. Sessions are held three times in a week to enable as many as possible to attend. For more information [link to calendar / registration]

Coaching Programs

Real MD: All first-year medical students are provided the opportunity to engage a faculty member in a longitudinal professional coaching relationship. Coaching dyads meet quarterly until graduation.

Faculty of all ranks who are clinicians who are strongly engaged in medical student education are eligible to serve as RealMD coaches. For more information, see website.

Early Career Coaching (ECC): In this 6-month coaching engagement, early career faculty in the School of Medicine are partnered with a senior faculty coach. The program goal is to increase participants’ clarity on professional direction, satisfaction, self-efficacy, academic productivity, promotion, and sense of community within the University of Utah. Participants meet monthly with their coach to work through a structured coaching curriculum.

Early career faculty members in the School of Medicine, generally within 5 years of their faculty appointment, are eligible to participate. Applications to the program are generally open in the spring and the program starts in the fall.

Faculty members in the School of Medicine in any track, at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor, are eligible to serve as ECC coaches. Each coach is assigned to work with one early career faculty member and is expected to meet with the assigned coachee monthly. For more information, see website.

Rapid Response Coaching: In an effort to support School of Medicine faculty during the Covid-19 pandemic, limited coaching engagements (3-6 months) are available for School of Medicine faculty members in any track or rank who have a need to re-evaluate their professional direction and academic productivity as a result of the pandemic. You can submit a request here. It generally takes about a week to select a coach and connect them with the requestor.

For more urgent issues or those that are beyond the scope of a coaching engagement, the University offers an Employee Assistance Program.  For more information on what is available to you, please visit http://uuhsc.utah.edu/eap/ or contact the program for a confidential consultation at 801-587-9319.


UCAN Directors

Harriet Hopf, MD


Sara Rose
Program Coordinator
Phone: 801-585-3439
Email: sara.rose@hsc.utah.edu