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Thank your for your interest in participating as a coach in the Utah Coaching and Advancement Nextwork (UCAN). Please complete this survey regarding your interest, skills, experience, and ideas related to building a coaching network.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF; defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

A number of coaching focuses are recognized, including:
Professional Identity Development: focus is selfassessment, goal-setting, growth, and personal development generally.
Professional Skills: focus is helping the individual accurately reflect on their performance and needs for growth, and
gain insight into desired outcomes. Skills areas can span a broad range, including Education/Teaching, Clinical practice, Investigation, Dissemination, and Scholarship.
Career Advancement: focus is self assessment, goal setting, and skills acquisition aimed to prepare an
individual for promotion or leadership opportunities.
Team and Interpersonal: focus is on developing management skills, such as human resources, team dynamics, and communication.
Leadership Development: focus is on developing leadership skills in preparation for a leadership role.
Business & Executive Development: focus is on facilitating successful unit leadership for an individual with an
executive role and providing guidance for specific challenges in the role.
Wellness and Resilience: focus is fostering wellness behaviors, work-life integration, and development of resilience.
Team Effectiveness: focus is on coaching teams or groups with goal of increased effectiveness.

Mentoring within UofU
Mentoring outside UofU
Informal coaching within UofU
Informal coaching outside UofU
Formal coaching within UofU
Formal coaching outside UofU
Certified coach through Internal Coach Federation (ICF)
Certified Coach through another organization
Other training

Professional Identity Development
Professional Skills
Career Advancement
Team and Interpersonal
Leadership Development
Business and Executive Development
Wellness and Resilience
Team Effectiveness

Undergraduate students
Graduate students (Masters, PhD)
Professional students (MD, PA, NP, PharmD, DDS, PT, OT, etc)
Residents (clinical)
Fellows (clinical)
Post-docs (PhD)
Early career faculty
Mid-career faculty
Senior faculty


Sara Rose
Program Coordinator
Phone: 801-585-3439