Rapid Response Coach Request

Eligibility: School of Medicine faculty members in any track, at the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor.

In an effort to support School of Medicine faculty during the Covid-19 pandemic, limited coaching engagements (3-6 months) are available for School of Medicine faculty members in any track or rank who have a need to re-evaluate their professional direction and academic productivity as a result of the pandemic. It generally takes about a week to select a coach and connect them with the requestor.

For more urgent issues or those that are beyond the scope of a coaching engagement, the University offers an Employee Assistance Program.  For more information on what is available to you, please visit http://uuhsc.utah.edu/eap/ or contact the program for a confidential consultation at 801-587-9319.

UCAN Directors

Harriet Hopf, MD


Sara Rose
Program Coordinator
Phone: 801-585-3439
Email: sara.rose@hsc.utah.edu