Leadership Training

Part One: Leadership Fundamentals

The program is interactive and experiential, based on self-assessments that participants will take prior to the seminar. Participants will focus on time management, negotiation, implicit bias, difficult conversations, and more. Participants will reflect on their personal leadership style and how different leadership styles can successfully interact with other styles.

Part Two: Managing Individuals and Teams

The program is interactive and experiential, and is focused on managing individuals and teams. Participants will focus on diversity and inclusion, group conflict, change management, decision making, and more. 

Senior Leadership 

This seminar is intended to assist department chairs, division chairs, division chiefs, and other similar leaders in envisioning and operationalizing the future. Participants will meet with other senior leaders to develop skills in the area of roles and responsibilities, funds flow, and strategic priorities and metrics. Attendees will discuss their role(s) and relationships with key personnel, including creating inclusive environments and conflict negotiation.

Emotional Intelligence: Building Competencies for Leadership Effectiveness

Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to a distinct combination of emotional and social skills and competencies that influence our overall capability to interact effectively with the demands of work and life. The EI workshop is a one day (six hour), interactive session that includes the Emotional Quotient Inventory assessment. Participants will also have the opportunity to schedule an individual debrief and coaching session after the workshop.

Relational Leadership Initiative

The program is a three month cohort based learning collaborative designed to develop relational competencies in self-management, fostering teamwork, coaching and mentoring others, and accelerating change. A multidisciplinary, multigenerational training model with foundations in enhancing teamwork, communities, and relationships, serves as the course foundation. Participants will receive hands-on training from a national cohort of experienced presenters, coaching support, and technical resources.


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