Allan J. Forde, PA-C


  • English

Academic Information

  • Departments: Family & Preventive Medicine - Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Divisions: Physician Assistant Program

Academic Office Information

  • 801-585-7588
  • U of Utah Health Sciences Ctr, Room: 1C 026
    SLC, UT 84108

Education History

Type School Degree
Professional Other Cook County Hospital/ Chicago City-Wide College
Undergraduate University of Utah

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Flanagan AF, Callanan KR, Donlon J, Palmer R, Forde A, Kane M (2001 Jul). A cytotoxicity assay for the detection and differentiation of two families of shellfish toxins. Toxicon, 39(7), 1021-7.
  2. Constien R, Forde A, Liliensiek B, Grone HJ, Nawroth P, Hammerling G, Arnold B (2001 May). Characterization of a novel EGFP reporter mouse to monitor Cre recombination as demonstrated by a Tie2 Cre mouse line. Genesis, 30(1), 36-44.
  3. Forde A, Daly C, Fitzgerald GF (1999 Apr). Identification of four phage resistance plasmids from Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris HO2. Appl Environ Microbiol, 65(4), 1540-7.
  4. Lavin F, Kane M, Forde A, Gannon F, Daly K (1995 May). Comparison of five cardiac markers in the detection of reperfusion after thrombolysis in acute myocardial infarction. Br Heart J, 73(5), 422-7.
  5. Nuovo GJ, Forde A, MacConnell P, Fahrenwald R (1993 Jul). In situ detection of PCR-amplified HIV-1 nucleic acids and tumor necrosis factor cDNA in cervical tissues. Am J Pathol, 143(1), 40-8.
  6. Nuovo MA, Nuovo GJ, MacConnell P, Forde A, Steiner GC (1992 Dec). In situ analysis of Paget's disease of bone for measles-specific PCR-amplified cDNA. Diagn Mol Pathol, 1(4), 256-65.
  7. Nuovo GJ, MacConnell P, Forde A, Delvenne P (1991 Oct). Detection of human papillomavirus DNA in formalin-fixed tissues by in situ hybridization after amplification by polymerase chain reaction. Am J Pathol, 139(4), 847-54.
  8. Levene MI, Evans DH, Forde A, Archer LN (1987 Jun). Value of intracranial pressure monitoring of asphyxiated newborn infants. Dev Med Child Neurol, 29(3), 311-9.


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