Yost, H. Joseph, PhD

Vice-Chair, Basic Science Research, Department of Pediatrics


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  • Departments: Neurobiology & Anatomy - Professor, Pediatrics - Adjunct Professor
  • Divisions: Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Academic Office Information

  • George and Dolores Eccles Institute of Human Genetics
    15 N 2030 E, Room: 3160
    Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Email: joseph.yost@utah.edu

Academic Bio

Joseph Yost, PhD, is a professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy, an adjunct professor of Pediatrics at the University of Utah, and a member of the Cell Response and Regulation group.

He studies genetics, particularly the difference between genes that develop normally and genes that can lead to cancer. Yost researches an important cellular process in which small molecules (proteoglycans) are added to proteins and allow for these proteins to be in the right place to transmit their signals. These signals are important when cells communicate with each other and are often not working correctly during cancer metastasis (when cancer spreads to other parts of the body).

Yost received his undergraduate degree from Creighton University, Omaha, and a PhD from the University of Chicago.

Education History

Type School Degree
Other Training University of Utah School of Business
Business Administration
Postdoctoral Fellowship University of California, Berkeley
Molecular and Cell Biology
Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellowship University of California, Berkeley
Molecular and Cell Biology
Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Chicago
Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
Postdoctoral Fellow
Doctoral Training University of Chicago
Undergraduate Creighton University
Honors Program and Biology

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Tsai IC, Woolf M, Neklason DW, Branford WW, Yost HJ, Burt RW, Virshup DM (2007 Mar 1). Disease-associated casein kinase I delta mutation may promote adenomatous polyps formation via a Wnt/beta-catenin independent mechanism. Int J Cancer, 120(5), 1005-12.
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