Jonathan Chipman, PhD


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Academic Information

  • Departments: Population Health Sciences - Assistant Professor
  • Divisions: Biostatistics

Academic Bio

Dr. Chipman is an Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences in the Division of Biostatistics and a member of the Cancer Biostatistics Shared Resource of the Huntsman Cancer Institute (

Dr. Chipman worked four years as a statistician at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with work in Prostate, Breast, and Kindy Cancer. He earned his doctorate in Biostatistics from Vanderbilt University and worked with the Veteran’s Administration on large-scale Type II Diabetes pharmacoepidemiology studies

Research Statement

I am trained in the design and analysis of clinical trials and observational studies. We develop study design methods which increase a study’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Primary methods include covariate-adjusted randomization and sample-size adaptive monitoring. These methods help reduce signal noise, improve the ability to study key subgroups, and follow studies until drawing clinically meaningful conclusions regarding the strength of the true effect.

Education History

Type School Degree
Doctoral Training Vanderbilt University
Graduate Training University of Minnesota
Undergraduate Brigham Young University
Major: Statistical Science; Minors: Mathematics and Business Management

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Roumie CL, Chipman J, Min JY, Hackstadt AJ, Hung AM, Greevy RA Jr, Grijalva CG, Elasy T, Griffin MR (2019). Association of Treatment With Metformin vs Sulfonylurea With Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events Among Patients With Diabetes and Reduced Kidney Function. JAMA, 1-11.
  2. Min JY, Hackstadt AJ, Griffin MR, Greevy RA Jr, Chipman J, Grijalva CG, Hung AM, Roumie CL (2019). Evaluation of weight change and hypoglycaemia as mediators in the association between insulin use and death. (Epub ahead of print) Diabetes Obes Metab.
  3. Kishi T, Chipman J, Evereklian M, Nghiem K, Stetler-Stevenson M, Rick ME, Centola M, Miller FW, Rider LG (2019). Endothelial Activation Markers as Disease Activity and Damage Measures in Juvenile Dermatomyositis. (Epub ahead of print) J Rheumatol.
  4. Min JY, Presley CA, Wharton J, Griffin MR, Greevy RA Jr, Hung AM, Chipman J, Grijalva CG, Hackstadt AJ, Roumie CL (2019). Accuracy of a composite event definition for hypoglycemia. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf, 28(5), 625-631.
  5. Vicier C, Werner L, Chipman J, Harshman LC, Patil DH, Fichorova RN, Rider JR, Sanda MG, Mucci LA, Sweeney CJ (2018). Elevated Serum Cytokines and Trichomonas vaginalis Serology at Diagnosis Are Not Associated With Higher Gleason Grade or Lethal Prostate Cancer. Clin Genitourin Cancer, 17(1), 32-37.
  6. Presley CA, Chipman J, Min JY, Grijalva CG, Greevy RA, Griffin MR, Roumie CL (2018). Evaluation of frailty as an unmeasured confounder in observational studies of antidiabetic medications. (Epub ahead of print) J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci.