Bruce L. Smith, PhD

Academic Information

  • Departments: Communication Sciences and Disorders - Professor Emeritus

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Smith, B L, Hayes-Harb, R, Bruss, M, and Harker, A A (2009). Production and perception of voicing and devoicing in similar German and English word pairs by native speakers of German. Journal of Phonetics, 37, 257-275.
  2. Bent, T, Bradlow, A, and Smith, B L (2008). Production and perception of temporal contrasts in foreign-accented English. Phonetica, 65, 131-147.
  3. Hayes-Harb, R, Smith, B L, Bent, T, and Bradlow, A R (2008). The Interlanguage speech intelligibility benefit for native speakers of Mandarin: Production and perception of English word-final voicing contrasts. Journal of Phonetics, 36, 664-679.

Book Chapter

  1. Bent, T, Bradlow, A R, and Smith, B L (2007). Phonemic errors in different word positions and their effects on intelligibility of non-native speech: All's well that begins well. In M. J. Munro and O-S Bohn (Eds.), Festschrift for James Emil Flege (pp. 331-347). Amsterdam.: John Benjamins.


  1. Smith, B L (2006). Precautions regarding nonword repetition tasks (Invited commentary on Gathercole’s keynote article). Appl Psycholinguist, 27, 584-587.