Yukio Saijoh, PhD

Research Interests

  • Left Right Asymmetry


  • English

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  • Departments: Neurobiology & Anatomy - Adjunct Assistant Professor

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  • 801-585-9887
  • Maxwell M. Wintrobe Research and Education Building
    Neurobiology and Anatomy
    26 N Medical Dr, Room: 417
    Salt Lake City, UT 84132

Email: y.saijoh@utah.edu

Academic Bio

Peer-Reviewed Original Publications

1. Hou, J., Wei, W., Saund, R.S., Xiang, P., Cunningham, T.J., Yi, Y., Alder, O., Lu, D.Y., Savory, J.G., Krentz, N.A., Montpetit, R., Cullum, R., Hofs, N., Lohnes, D., Humphries, R.K., Yamanaka, Y., Duester, G., Saijoh, Y., Hoodless, P.A.,(2014) A regulatory network controls nephrocan expression and midgut patterning. Development 141: 3772-3781.

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