Jesse Rowley, PhD


  • English

Academic Information

  • Departments: Internal Medicine - Research Assistant Professor
  • Divisions: Pulmonary

Education History

Type School Degree
Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Utah
Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Fellow University of Utah
Research Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellowship The Johns Hopkins University
Tumor Immunology
Postdoctoral Fellow
Doctoral Training The Johns Hopkins University
Research Fellow Johns Hopkins University
Research Fellow
Undergraduate Brigham Young University

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Rondina M, Voora D, Simon L, Schwertz H, Harper J, Lee O, Bhatlekar S, Li Q, Eustes AS, Montenont E, Campbell RA, Tolley N, Kosaka Y, Weyrich A, Bray PF, Rowley JW (2019). Longitudinal RNA-seq Analysis of the Repeatability of Gene Expression and Splicing in Human Platelets Identifies A Platelet SELP Splice QTL. (Epub ahead of print) Circ Res.
  2. Bhatlekar S, Basak I, Edelstein LC, Campbell RA, Lindsey CR, Italiano JE Jr, Weyrich AS, Rowley JW, Rondina MT, Sola-Visner M, Bray PF (2019). Anti-apoptotic BCL2L2 increases megakaryocyte proplatelet formation in cultures of human cord blood. Haematologica, 104(10), 2075-2083.
  3. Middleton EA, Rowley JW, Campbell RA, Grissom CK, Brown SM, Beesley SJ, Schwertz H, Kosaka Y, Manne BK, Krauel K, Tolley ND, Eustes AS, Guo L, Paine R 3rd, Harris ES, Zimmerman GA, Weyrich AS, Rondina MT (2019). Sepsis alters the transcriptional and translational landscape of human and murine platelets. Blood, 134(12), 911-923.
  4. Campbell RA, Schwertz H, Hottz ED, Rowley JW, Manne BK, Washington AV, Hunter-Mellado R, Tolley ND, Christensen M, Eustes AS, Montenont E, Bhatlekar S, Ventrone CH, Kirkpatrick BD, Pierce KK, Whitehead SS, Diehl SA, Bray PF, Zimmerman GA, Kosaka Y, Bozza PT, Bozza FA, Weyrich AS, Rondina MT (2019). Human megakaryocytes possess intrinsic antiviral immunity through regulated induction of IFITM3. Blood, 133(19), 2013-2026.
  5. Denis HL, Lamontagne-Proulx J, St-Amour I, Mason SL, Rowley JW, Cloutier N, Tremblay M, Vincent AT, Gould PV, Chouinard S, Weyrich AS, Rondina MT, Barker RA, Boilard E, Cicchetti F (2018). Platelet abnormalities in Huntington's disease. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry, 90(3), 272-283.
  6. Morales-Ortz J, Deal V, Reyes F, Maldonado-Martnez G, Ledesma N, Staback F, Croft C, Pacheco A, Ortiz-Zuazaga H, Yost CC, Rowley JW, Madera B, John AS, Chen J, Lopez J, Rondina MT, Hunter R, Gibson A, Washington AV (2018). Platelet-derived TLT-1 is a prognostic indicator in ALI/ARDS and prevents tissue damage in the lungs in a mouse model. Blood, 132(23), 2495-2505.


  1. Fidler PL Trevor, Elizabeth Middleton, Jesse W Rowley, Luc Boudreau, Robert A Campbell, Rhonda Souvenir, Eric Boilard, E Dale Abel, Andrew S Weyrich (2015). Glucose Transporter 3 in Platelets Facilitates Alpha-Granule Mediated Glucose Uptake, Driving Intragranular Glycolysis That Is Required for Platelet Degranulation and Activation [Abstract]. Blood, 126(23), 417.
  2. Leila Noetzli, Jesse W Rowley, Michael U Callaghan, Madhvi Rajpurkar, Alisa B Lee-Sherick, Christopher C Porter, Andrew S Weyrich, Jorge A Di Paola (2015). A Dominant Negative Mutation (p.P214L) in ETV6 is Associated with Megakaryocyte and Erythroid Transcript Misregulation [Abstract]. Blood, 126(23), 76.
  3. Robert A Campbell, Jesse W Rowley, Andrew S Weyrich, Matthew T Rondina (2015). Surface Ifitms on Megakaryocytes and Platelets Regulate Fibrinogen Endocytosis Under Inflammatory Conditions [Abstract]. 126(23), 1034.
  4. Trevor P Fidler, Elizabeth Middleton, Jesse W Rowley, Luc Boudreau, Robert A Campbell, Rhonda Souvenir, Eric Boilard, Andrew S Weyrich, and E D Abel (2015). Platelet Specific Knockout of Glucose Transporter 3 Leads to Altered Metabolism and Decreased Platelet Activation [Abstract]. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, 35(A), A56.