David M. Belnap, PhD

Research Interests

  • Cryogenic Electron Microscopy and Three-Dimensional Reconstruction (cryo-EM)
  • Structural Biology
  • Virology
  • Virus Assembly
  • Bacteriophages
  • Poliovirus
  • Polyomavirus
  • Papillomavirus
  • Tobacco mosaic satellite virus


  • English

Academic Information

  • Departments: Biochemistry - Research Associate Professor

Academic Office Information

  • 801-585-1242
  • Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building
    36 S. Wasatch, Room: 2501
    Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Research Statement

I am interested in the structure, function, assembly, and disassembly of viruses and cellular macromolecules. I am particularly interested in using structural techniques to understand virus cell-entry, assembly, and evolution. My primary research tool is cryogenic electron microscopy and three-dimensional reconstruction (cryo-EM). I am also interested in improving cryo-EM techniques. I currently serve as the director of the Electron Microscopy Core Laboratory at the University of Utah, where I work with many to help them image their samples. I am happy to be of service to them.

Education History

Type School Degree
Postdoctoral Fellowship National Institutes of Health
Structural Biology
Postdoctoral Fellow
Doctoral Training Purdue University
Undergraduate Brigham Young University

Selected Publications


  1. Masner MT, Garrett T, Wood AK, Croshaw J, Sanz-Garcia E, Belnap DM (2009). "Mechanically Mounted Tweezers, Cryogenic-Atmosphere Extender, and Tweezers-Transfer Device for the FEI™ Vitrobot™ Vitrification Robot".