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Yelena P. Wu, PhD

Languages spoken: English

Academic Information

Departments: Dermatology - Associate Professor, Pediatrics - Adjunct Associate Professor, Population Health Sciences - Adjunct Assistant Professor

Divisions: Cancer Population Science, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Academic Office Information


Research Interests

  • Risk Communication
  • Familial Melanoma
  • Treatment Adherence
  • Cancer Genetics
  • Pediatric Psychology
  • Clinical Child Psychology
  • Skin Cancer Prevention

Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology

Investigator, Huntsman Cancer Institute

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Dr. Wu's research focuses on fostering optimal health outcomes among youths (children, adolescents, and young adults) affected by cancer. Her work includes individuals who have a personal history of cancer and those who are at risk for developing cancer. The goal of this work is to support youths and their families in understanding their risk for cancer or other undesired health outcomes and in carrying out behaviors that will promote their health. Dr. Wu's ongoing research studies include testing new behavioral interventions to promote implementation of cancer prevention behaviors among children and their families, particularly to prevent skin cancer. In addition, Dr. Wu is co-leading a project to support COVID-19 testing among staff, students, and families in schools in Utah.

Dr. Wu has provided consultation and therapy services to medical teams, caregivers, and children, adolescents, and young adults with a range of chronic health conditions and in inpatient and outpatient medical settings. These services are provided to promote adjustment to the chronic condition, to improve self-management of the health condition, to facilitate communication between patients, families, and the medical team, to collaborate with medical teams to address psychosocial and adherence issues, and to address specific challenges impacting management of the chronic condition (e. g., behavioral problems, depression, anxiety).

Education History

Postdoctoral Fellowship Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Center for Adherence and Self-Management, Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology
Postdoctoral Fellow
Internship Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology
Predoctoral Internship
Doctoral Training University of Kansas
Clinical Child Psychology, Minor in Quantitative Psychology
Graduate Training University of Kansas
Clinical Child Psychology
Undergraduate University of California Berkeley

Selected Publications

  1. Bowers JM, Hamilton JG, Wu YP, Moyer A, Hay JL (2021). Acculturation, sun tanning behavior, and tanning attitudes among Asian college students in the northeastern USA. Int J Behav Med.
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  3. Wu YP, Boucher K, Hu N, Hay J, Kohlmann W, Aspinwall LG, Bowen DJ, Parsons BG, Nagelhout ES, Grossman D, Mooney K, Leachman SA, Tercyak KP (2020). A pilot study of a telehealth family-focused melanoma preventive intervention for children with a family history of melanoma. Psychooncology, 29(1), 148-155.
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