School of Medicine

Center for Global Surgery

The world needs great surgeons.

We're facing a global specialist physician shortage. At current estimates, 1.27 million Surgical, Anesthetic, and Obstetric providers need to be added to the global workforce in order to achieve goals of universal access to essential surgical care. Our commitment is to do our part in shouldering this burden as a high-income-country (HIC) academic hospital, producing world-class surgeons. Our sense of responsibility goes further, and causes us to invest across the global spectrum of health-care leadership-- from ward-boys to hospital administrators. We work  to shape at our own university, in successive academic environments, a constant stream of increasingly global-minded medical professionals in the undergraduate, graduate, resident and clinical faculty context. We consider capacity building in other nations with our partner institutions an extension of our own commitment to leadership training responsibilities at home.

The University of Utah's School of Medicine operates many educational initiatives, certificate, and degree programs to address the scale up of a global health workforce. We stand with and in support of these programs, many of which we list here: