Concept to Community (C2C) Contest

Concept to Community (C2C) a contest sponsored by GME Resident Engagement & Training for Underserved & Rural Needs (RETURN).

The C2C contest enables GME trainees to address the health needs of rural and underserved Utah communities guided by the community stakeholders and experienced faculty. 

Interprofessional teams (GME Trainees, Health Sciences students from SOM/Public Health/Nursing, etc.) will submit proposals to design and implement rural and underserved health programs with community input. The proposals will address one or more of the following C2C contest goals: 

  • Increase awareness of rural health needs/challenges among current and future providers
  • Provide public health education for rural communities
  • Enhance U health trainees/faculty/staff involvement in addressing rural needs/challenges
  • Design public health intervention/rural practice innovations 

Teams may be awarded up to $5000 to bring their projects to life. The award categories are: 

  • rural awareness and education,
  • rural practice innovation,
  • public health intervention, and
  • community choice.

To qualify for any final funding, each team must have a GME trainee (resident or fellow). However, the application can be submitted without a GME Trainee. Once we receive an application lacking that piece, we will reach out to individuals to help form their team. 

Awards will be announced on June 15th via the C2C website and we will contact individual awardees to give them any next steps involved in implementation. 

Need More Information?

For questions, please contact Heather Madsen:

Key Timelines

May 15 — Submissions are due
June 15 — Final awards are announced

Submit y​our ​​project in three easy steps:

  1. ​​Create your proposal (View our guidelines​)
  2. Develop your budget (View the budget proposal temp​l​ate​​)
  3. Submit your application online​
View our C2C Annoucment
View our C2C project idea list