Grant Support

With sustainable, quality program development as the goal, we extended grant writing support to our GME program directors starting 2018. In 2019, we succeeded in procuring a Health and Human Resources Services Administration (HRSA) grant to launch the first rural residency program (rural training track as HRSA refers to it) in Utah and the first Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Rural Residency Program in the nation.

Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Rural Training Track (RTT)

Casey Gradick, MD, program director for the Medicine-Pediatric residency program, received a HRSA grant that will establish the first rural residency training program track in Utah and the first med-peds one in the country. The track will start in 2021 and has HRSA funding till 2025 and we plan to transition to CMS rural track funding which will increase our GME funding cap.

Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine fellowship programs

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