School of Medicine


We look forward to an action-packed and enjoyable weekend with our presenters. 


Friday, Sept 20th

Morning tours of UCAIR, Huntsman Cancer Institute, CNC, etc. for presenters

Afternoon symposium to be held on campus at HSEB, room 1750


Group lunch for presenters with Dr. Minoshima,

Dean's Office, College of Nursing


“Follow a Patient” session #1: Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Five faculty presenters from Radiology and Oncology follow a patient from diagnosis through treatment options, presenting back-to-back and ending with a 25-min Q&A



Keynote #1: Innovation

Michael Good, MD, University of Utah, Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, Dean of the School of Medicine, CEO of University of Utah Health


Coffee Break



Keynote #2: Financial Burden and Access to Care

Ruth Carlos, MD, MS, FACR, University of Michigan, ARRS president, JACR Editor in Chief, RSNA research committee chair


4:00 – 5:00


Power Pitch Session 1: Eight 3-min pitches + 30 min table/poster follow-up 

  1. Lauren Williams, graduate student, University of Utah: “The invisible breast cancer: Paying attention to a specific task can blind radiologists to unexpected abnormalities”
  2. Tyler Smith, MD, resident, University of Utah: “Retrospective Evaluation of Extracellular Matrix Enterocutaneous Fistula Plugs for Enteric Fistula Closure”
  3. Bibin Prasad, PhD, postdoc, UT Southwestern, “Harnessing the power of alternating magnetic fields for non-invasive treatment of metal implant infections”
  4. Avinoam Bar-Zion, PhD, postdoc, Caltech, “Genetically Encodable Nuclei for Ultrasound-Guided Inertial Cavitation”
  5. Stecia-Marie Fletcher, MSci, graduate student, Sunnybrook Research Institute/University of Toronto, “Transvertebral detection of microbubble emissions for monitoring ultrasound mediated blood-spinal cord barrier opening”
  6. Sara Johnson, graduate student, University of Utah, “Longitudinal Registration for Voxel-wise Correlation of MRgFUS Treatment Assessment Metrics”
  7. Akshay Chaudhari, PhD, postdoc, Stanford, “5-Minute Quantitative Double-Echo in Steady-State in Knee MRI: Combining an Efficient Multi-Contrast Acquisition with Quantitative Imaging and Artificial Intelligence”
  8. April Griffith, MD, resident, University of Utah, “Towards the development of CT thermometry to assess thermal ablations: evaluation of model reproducibility and temperature predictions in water baths”


Social Hour

Officer’s Club, Fort Douglas, University of Utah


Group Dinner, sponsored by Philips Healthcare

Officer's Club, Fort Douglas


Saturday, Sept 21st


Breakfast at symposium location: Officer's Club, Ft. Douglas


min-xian.jpgKeynote #3: Fully Automatic Breast Ultrasound Image Analysis System – using machine learning to aid and automate segmentation of breast ultrasound

Min Xian, PhD, Assistant Professor in Computer Science, University of Idaho


Power Pitch Session 2: Six 3-min pitches + 30 min table/poster follow-up

  1. Peter Hinkley, MD, resident, University of Utah, “CTP improves accuracy, interrater reliability and detection speed over CTA alone in detection of large vessel occlusions”
  2. Zijia Guo, graduate student. University of Utah, “Theoretically-exact filtered-backprojection reconstruction from real data on the line-ellipse-line trajectory”
  3. John Walsh, graduate student, Yale, “Longitudinal quantitative multimodal imaging of the acidic microenvironment during tumor progression in glioblastoma”
  4. Ye Tian, graduate student, University of Utah, “Whole heart ungated myocardial perfusion imaging with steady-state radial SMS readout and without magnetization preparation”
  5. Frank Ong, PhD, postdoc, Stanford, “Extreme MRI: Reconstructing Hundred-Gigabyte Volumetric Dynamic MRI from Non-Gated Acquisitions”
  6. Luyao Shi, graduate student, Yale, “Attenuation Map Synthesis for SPECT and PET Imaging Using Deep Learning”


Exhibit Hall (visit interactive clinical and research exhibits, showcasing the latest and greatest technology) + Clinical Case Competition


“Follow a Patient” session #2: Metastatic Liver Cancer

Five faculty presenters from Radiology and Oncology follow a patient from diagnosis through treatment options, presenting back-to-back and ending with a 25-min Q&A


Awards Lunch outside, behind Ft. Douglas Chapel, next to University Guest House


Fun in Park City for presenters and interested trainees


Dinner groups for presenters and faculty