School of Medicine

Locations and Hotel

Friday, the first day of the symposium, will occur on the University of Utah Health campus, in the Health Sciences Education Building (see map).


On Friday evening, a reception will be held at the University Guest House and Conference Center, followed by dinner groups downtown for invited speakers and faculty. On Saturday, the symposium will continue at the University Guest House. 


Also, visit an interactive map of the University of Utah campus.


Accomodations: University Guest House

The 180-room hotel features spectacular views of the Salt Lake Valley, Chapel Glen and the surrounding campus. Its proximity to both a TRAX train station and a campus shuttle stop allows you to explore both campus and Salt Lake City easily. It is the location of the symposium on Saturday and a short walk on campus from the symposium location on Friday.

We will handle making reservations for all of our invited speakers.




University Guest House address:

110 South Fort Douglas Blvd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84113-5036