2017 Speakers

Bilgic, Berkin, PhD (Massachussets General Hospital/Harvard), "Faster MRI through optimized encoding and reconstruction"
Feng, Li, PhD (NYU), "Rapid, Continuous and Comprehensive Imaging: A New Paradigm for Magnetic Resonance Imaging"
Grace Jianan Gang, Ph.D. Gang,Grace, PhD (Johns Hopkins), "Task-driven image acquisition and reconstruction in CT and cone-beam CT"
Image result for "Jesse Hamilton" and "Case Western" Hamilton, Jesse (Case Western), 'Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting for Rapid Myocardial T1, T2, and Proton Density Mapping"
Stefanie Hectors Hectors, Stefanie, PhD (Mount Sinai), "Multiparametric MRI for noninvasive characterization of cancer"
Hoffman, John M. (UCLA), "Imaging is a Numbers Game: Challenges and Breakthroughs in CT Quantitative Imaging"
Stephen M. Humphries Humphries, Steve, PhD (National Jewish Health), "Quantification of pulmonary fibrosis on CT"
Feliks Kogan Kogan, Feliks, PhD (Stanford), "Multimodality Quantitative Imaging of Early Osteoarthritis"
Larimer, Benjamin, PhD (Massachussets General Hospital/Harvard), "Precision Imaging to Guide Next-Generation Cancer Therapy"
Lu, Yihuan, PhD (Yale), "Motion Correction for PET/CT"
Jared_Nielsen Nielsen, Jared, PhD (Harvard), "Deep Dynamic Phenotyping of the Individual"
Stewart, Megan (University of Michigan), "PET Imaging from Bench to Bedside"
Takuya.jpg Toyonaga, Takuya, MD, PhD (Yale), "PET Synaptic Density Imaging with 11C-UCB-J for Neuropsychiatric Diseases"
headshot_ZhouZ.jpg Zhou, Zhengwei “Jenny” (Cedars Sinai), "pH-weighted CEST MRI: Acceleration with Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting"