2018 Presenters

jason_bini.jpg Bini, Jason, PhD (Yale), "Dopamine and Cortisol – Novel Imaging in Diabetes and Obesity"
julius_chapiro.jpg Chapiro, Julius, MD, (Yale), "Liver Cancer Imaging 2.0: Why Artificial Intelligence Will Not Replace Us"
audrey_fan.jpg Fan, Audrey, PhD (Stanford), "PET/MRI to accurately measure brain blood flow and oxygenation"
jd_gallezot.jpg Gallezot, Jean-Dominique, PhD (Yale), "Kinetic Modeling and Reconstruction of Parametric PET Images"
jose_gonzalez.jpg Gonzalez, Jose Guererro (University of Wisconsin), "Challenging Assumptions of NODDI, a Biophysical Modeling Method of Tissue Microstructure"
lorne_hofstetter.jpg Hofstetter, Lorne (University of Utah), "Toward improved cancer therapies: quantifying tissue stiffness with MR shear wave imaging"
anwar_nunez.jpg Nunez-Elizalde, Anwar (UC Berkeley), "Predictive models of BOLD responses to short films"
hersh_sagreiya.jpg Sagreiya, Hersh, MD (Stanford), "The robot will see you now: challenges and opportunities with ultrasound applications to machine learning in radiology"
chris_sandino.jpg Sandino, Chris (Stanford), "Enabling faster cardiac MRI exams via deep learning-based image reconstruction"
jerzy_szablowski.jpg Szablowski, Jerzy, PhD (Caltech), "Noninvasive Gene Therapy for Brain Disorders - Acoustically Targeted Chemogenetics"
jon_tamir.jpg Tamir, Jon, PhD (UC Berkeley), "Shuffled MRI: Accelerated, Single-Scan, Multi-Contrast Imaging"
mathias_unberath.jpg Unberath, Mathias, PhD (Johns Hopkins), "Augmenting Reality: The Quest for Improved Intuition and Ergonomics in Minimally-invasive Surgery"


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