2019 Presenters

avinoam-bar-zion.jpg Bar-Zion, Avinoam, PhD (Caltech), "Genetically Encodable Nuclei for Ultrasound-Guided Inertial Cavitation"
akshay-chaudhari.jpg Chaudhari, Akshay, PhD, (Stanford), "5-Minute Quantitative Double-Echo in Steady-State in Knee MRI: Combining an Efficient Multi-Contrast Acquisition with Quantitative Imaging and Artificial Intelligence"
stecia-marie.jpg Fletcher, Stecia-Marie, MSci (Sunnybrook Research Institute/University of Toronto), "Transvertebral detection of microbubble emissions for monitoring ultrasound mediated blood-spinal cord barrier opening"
april-griffith-resident-web-square.jpg Griffith, April, MD (University of Utah), "Towards the development of CT thermometry to assess thermal ablations: evaluation of model reproducibility and temperature predictions in water baths"
zijia-guo.jpg Guo, Zijia (University of Utah), "Theoretically-exact filtered-backprojection reconstruction from real data on the line-ellipse-line trajectory"
peter-hinckleyweb-square.jpg Hinckley, Peter, MD (University of Utah), "CTP improves accuracy, interrater reliability and detection speed over CTA alone in detection of large vessel occlusions"
sara-johnson-200px.jpg Sara Johnson (University of Utah), "Longitudinal Registration for Voxel-wise Correlation of MRgFUS Treatment Assessment Metrics"
frank-ong.jpg Ong, Frank, PhD (Stanford), "Extreme MRI: Reconstructing Hundred-Gigabyte Volumetric Dynamic MRI from Non-Gated Acquisitions"
bibin_prasad.jpg Prasad, Bibin, PhD (UT Southwestern), "Harnessing the power of alternating magnetic fields for non-invasive treatment of metal implant infections"
luyao-shi.jpg Shi, Luyao (Yale), "Attenuation Map Synthesis for SPECT and PET Imaging Using Deep Learning"
tyler-smith---square.jpg Smith, Tyler, MD (University of Utah), "Retrospective Evaluation of Extracellular Matrix Enterocutaneous Fistula Plugs for Enteric Fistula Closure"
ye-tian-square.jpg Tian, Ye (University of Utah), "Whole heart ungated myocardial perfusion imaging with steady-state radial SMS readout and without magnetization preparation"
john-walsh.jpg John Walsh (Yale), "Longitudinal quantitative multimodal imaging of the acidic microenvironment during tumor progression in glioblastoma"
lauren-williams.jpg Williams, Lauren (University of Utah), "The invisible breast cancer: Paying attention to a specific task can blind radiologists to unexpected abnormalities"


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